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Here's what we know about appearance in a professional context. It should give us confidence and signal credibility to the outside world. It’s the filter through which our knowledge and communication is evaluated. A valuable tool for professionals wanting to make the most out of themselves.

But we also know this: although the right appearance is a functional tool for achieving ones goals, getting it can be a bit of a headache. Most men we know don't have the knowledge or time to make the most out of it.

Welcome to Valor, with our extensive knowledge of men's clothing and styling, our tailors ensure one is appropriately equipped for every occasion.

Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist

Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist


corporate services


Valor comes from the highly competitive arena that is 21st Century business. A place where people are the most important asset. A place where recruiting talent, maximising engagement and performance and retaining the best is what it’s all about.


Valor Corporate Services offers a corporate tailoring solution that makes shopping for business clothing a lot more convenient. The solution is especially designed to add value to the companies' benefits and services offer.

We provide for highly interesting incentives on our products through an exclusive loyalty program. And, our tailors are passionated and motivated to upgrade each and everyone's appearance through our personal styling and shopping service

Last but not least, we have great ideas on Corporate Content in the form of social posts, blogs, presentations or workshops that aims to increase engagement and empowers personal achievement.



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Product - Personal Tailoring

Every product we offer is custom made for each client. They order the desired products of their choice in the knowledge that it will always be available in their size and fit.

All their fit and design details are stored for future orders so re-ordering their favourite items is easy and seamless. Learn more about our products.

Benefit - Price & Payment

Converting your employees directly means we don't have to do expensive consumer marketing. As a consequence we can give these savings back in the price in the form of an introduction offer and a loyalty program.

Service - Personal Styling

Personal Style is all about feeling comfortable and confident in every situation. This service explores and develops each and everyone's professional style. A dedicated tailor gives guidance on colour, dessin, material, product and outfits for every occasion.

Service - Personal Shopping

This service is designed to save a lot of time. Based on the clients profile, a dedicated tailor makes a pre-selection of our collection that fits their existing wardrobe and provides for new looks.

    Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist

    Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist



    Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist


    company BENEFITS


    Appearance, Performance and Result

    The right appearance leads to confidence and credibility. Confidence and credibility leads to improved performance. Improved performance leads to better results.

    Employee Benefits & Services

    A culture where people take pride in their achievements and the success of others and offering relevant benefits and services leads to higher engagement and retention. 

    Dedicated Corporate Content

    • Employees on their personal ambitions, their journey and achievements.
    • Leaders on their visions, their journey and successes.
    • Teams on their assignments, their journey and successes.
    • Presentations and workshops with shared value partners.