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Welcome to Valor

the personal valet service for your wardrobe


What to Expect


Highly experienced staff that understand the connection between looking appropriate and looking capable. 


Complete range of timeless and elegant clothing, shoes and accessories. Material collections from the best mills and tanneries in Italy, UK and France.


Made to Measure and therefore little compromise on choice, availability, make, fit and design preferences.


Different price levels based on production location, level of craftsmanship and material.


All orders are tailored to your personal fit and style preferences.
Shopping has never been more efficient, convenient and personal.
— Michael Jacobs, Founder
We take pride in supporting your confidence and credibility.
— Margaretha Lindval, Head Tailor

The Benefits


The Luxury of Time

If shopping is not your thing, have our experts do it for you.


The Convenience of Expert Service

If you would like to do better, have our experts guide you.


The Smartness of Fair Value

Because we do most of the product development ourselves and engage with you directly.