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In a business context we all expect to be rewarded for choosing new supplier, our order value and our loyalty. At Valor, we also live by these principles. We therefore developed special packages for entrepreneurs, companies, partners and employees. 


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Valor comes from the highly competitive arena that is called 21st century business. A place where being suitably dressed is your first best move. It is our purpose to empower professionals to succeed with presence and style. Sharing our know how and experience is part of our game.

Furniture by Porro

Furniture by Porro



executive presence



In 2012 Sylvia Ann Hewitt published a book called Executive Presence, the missing link between merit and success. The book is about what you signal as a {potential} leader. It breaks it down to 3 elements: How you act {Gravitas}, How you speak {Communication} and How you look {Appearance}.

It immediately became a big inspiration to us because it explains the 'Why' of appearance in a business context. Based on this concept we have developed a 30 minute presentation explaining the 'Why' and 'How' of Executive Presence. 



executive presence



The workshop combines the 'Why' and 'How' of the presentation and adds a 60 minute interactive workshop on the 'How' and 'What' of Appearance.

The content is based on 3 elements:

  • Personal Style
  • Dress code and occasions
  • The art of colour
Furniture by Porro

Furniture by Porro


Furniture by Porro

Furniture by Porro


corporate DRESS CODE



We all know that people are company's most important asset and that their appearance can influence its image and results.  We also know that dress codes are more than ever changing and can be really confusing.

Most companies do not have the know how nor the experience to bring clarity in this matter. Valor has developed a tool that helps companies visualise their dress code and supports with the implementation.