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Valor is a Personal Tailoring Service targeting the 21st century professional. It's our purpose to empower people to win with presence and style by making them look their best dressed self. Our custom crafted products and personal shopping & styling services value time and safeguard personal style.


We are looking to collaborate with partners with the same target group and a similar vision and strive to create added value to all stakeholders by creating memorable and shareable experiences. The collaboration will be positioned as an added service to the Ginion Group's clients. All ideas described below will be communicated as Ginion Group events with Valor as the executing partner.


sartorial showroom event

Connecting 'the client' to the people, products and services of Valor is the idea behind this event and takes place at the dealership.

It combines a qualitative crowd, beautiful finger food and drinks, menswear inspiration and introduction speeches by the stakeholders.

The event serves as an introduction to the collaboration between the Ginion Group and Valor but also as a filter for future events.



sartorial dinner experience x loro piana

Connecting 'the client' to 'the client' at an exclusive private shopping and dining event at a scintillating location is the idea behind this experience.

It combines personal shopping with the world's leading experts during the day and a unique private dining experience with a qualitative crowd.

Loro Piana is considered the best mill in the world and the perfect partner to co-host the event with.



sartorial travel experience

Sourcing the globe for the best craftsmen and the finest materials led us to many inspiring places in the world.

Connecting 'the makers' to 'the clients' in an exclusive private event in the land of origin is the idea behind this event.

It combines luxury travel, fine dining, inspiration and why not add racing a Ferrari at the Monza circuit or visiting the Rolls Royce factory to the equation?


our Team


Lalle Johnson - Head Stylist [Stockholm]

Renowned menswear stylist for international brands for decades and is considered as an influential style icon for many. 

Lalle Johnson [Head Stylist] & Christofer Kaprelian [Head Tailor]

Christofer Kaprelian - head tailor [Milan]

Fascinated by the traditional craft of tailoring from a very young age, he's now travelling all over the world to serve customers that don't want to compromise on whatever they buy.