Our Tailors ensure you are perfectly equipped for every occasion




Here's what we know about men and clothing. Most men want to be dressed well for all life's occasions: from work and travel to dinner parties and celebrations.

But we also know this: even if most men want to be well dressed, getting there can be a bit of a headache. Shopping can be time consuming and frustrating, with results that are not always what you hope for or expect - even when you've paid good money.

Welcome to Valor, with our extensive knowledge of men's clothing and styling, our Tailors ensure you are perfectly equipped for every occasion.

Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist

Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist



luxury, convenience and zero compromise


Personal Tailoring is all about zero compromise on product, material, design and fit and also maximum convenience.

Everything we offer is custom crafted for you, so you can order your desired products in the construction, material and design you prefer and be sure that everything you choose is always available in your size and fit.

All your fit and design details are saved for future orders and therefore re-ordering your favourite items is easy and seamless.




have our tailors perfect your best dressed self


Personal Style is all about feeling comfortable and confident. Not a lot of men we know have the time, know how or experience to make the most of their Personal Style.

Our Tailors have extensive knowledge on personal and professional styling. On request they create a Personal Style Profile based on your appearance, your line of work, the occasions you have to dress for and the dress codes belonging to these occasions. 

For us, visualising and understanding your Personal Style is our way of maximising the quality of our offer and services to you. For you, the best result without the hassle.

Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist

Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist



Lalle Johnson | Head Stylist



Never shop again, have your tailor do it for you


Most men we know don’t like the process of shopping for clothing because of the time it consumes. If this is the case, we can do the shopping for you.

Your Tailor creates a Personal Shopping Guide, a pre-selection of everything we offer, hand picked especially for you. We make it available for you either online or in the store. You can ask for new inspiration until you're satisfied. Everything you like will be always available in your size, fit and design and ready for you to order.

In order to serve you best, the Personal Shopping service starts with a personal intake. It's free and takes about 30 minutes.