Welcome to Valor

the personal valet service for your business wardrobe





Here's what we know about men and clothing. Most men want to be dressed well for all life's occasions: from work and travel to dinner parties and celebrations.

But we also know this: even if most men want to be well dressed, getting there can be a bit of a headache. Shopping can be time consuming and frustrating, with results that are not always what you hope for or expect - even when you've paid good money.


Welcome to Valor,

with our extensive knowledge of men's clothing and styling, our valets ensure you are perfectly equipped for every occasion.

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What we Do


Personal Shopping

Periodically or on request your valet inspires you with new outfits and products in your online personal wardrobe.


Professional Styling

Our valets design wardrobes, outfits and products that complement your personal style and support your ambitions.


Personal Tailoring

Our products are made to measure with countless options in fit, material and design.



What to Expect


Complete range of timeless menswear icons


Material collections from the finest mills and tanneries in the world


Zero compromise on choice, availability, fit and design preferences


Different price levels based on production location, construction and material.



How we Work


1. Share your preferences


2. Review your Personal Selection by Valor


3. Book a first fitting and styling appointment [60min.]


4. Come in for your second fitting [30min.]


5. Re-order when you want


The Benefits


The Luxury of Time

If shopping is not your thing, have our experts do it for you.


The Convenience of Expert Service

If you feel you can do better, have our experts guide you.


The Smartness of Fair Value

Because we do most of the product development ourselves and engage with you directly.